Are you experiencing hair loss? If yes, you are in the right place. We can help you bring your hair back to its natural glory.

We offer the most up to date in hair transplant procedures to our customers as we utilize our existing partnerships with cosmetic surgeons and we also offer discount rates to you.

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According to studies done by hair professionals:

” By age 30, approximately 25-30% of males will have some baldness, scientists believe. Fifty percent of all males suffer significant loss of hair by the age of 50.”

” 95% of hair thinning in males is male pattern hair loss (additionally known as male pattern baldness).”.

” The incidence of pattern baldness varies from population to population and is based upon hereditary history. Environmental factors do not appear to affect this type of baldness significantly.”.

Loss of hair can impact your whole life. Hair loss can cause you stress and it can affect your confidence.

This is why we exist. We wish to assist all our customers with both the physical and also emotional sides of loss of hair in addition to providing a discount of as much as ₤ 2,000 of the expense.

These are the most common hair loss problem:

  • Alopecia Areata and other types of Alopecia
  • Male and Female Pattern Baldness
  • Other similar medical hair loss conditions
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Our clinics only use the most up to date in hair transplant procedures such as:

If you want to know which hair transplant method is the one that best suits your situation, please visit our hair transplant web page to get more details. Just fill in the form provided on the web page or click on the telephone number offered to send your details for a FREE consultation.

What Type of Hair Transplant Do We Do?

As stated above, we mostly use 3 techniques of hair transplant. The FUE, FUT as well as DHI. Our most popular hair transplant method is the FUE technique as this is the most recent, it is pain-free and it is an effective procedure.

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About Hair Transplant Liverpool

Hair Transplant Liverpool is part of Harley Street Hair Transplant Clinics and was established by Yannis Giantzides and Kevin Quest. They have been involved in the industry for a number of years.
This is then leveraged by our clients in the form of extra care and attention during the procedures as well as some financial help in the form of a discounted voucher of up to £2,000 off the cost of selected treatments.
At Hair Transplant Liverpool, we can assure you that we handle our clients with care and 100% attention. PLUS we offer a discount voucher of up to £2,000 off the treatment.
Set aside those worries now, we at Hair Transplant Liverpool are more than happy to help you deal with your hair loss problem!

Hair Transplant Liverpool

From our base in Liverpool, we cover:

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