Hair Loss Glossary

Glossary of Terms 

Here are the of terms that are being made use of when referencing anything to do with hair loss/hair transplant:


Alopecia: [Gk, alopex, fox (manage)], it can be partial or full lack of hair.

Alopecia Androgenetica: [Gk, alopex, fox (manage) + Gk, andros + genein, to create], the medical term for male or women pattern baldness.

Alopecia Areata: [Gk, alopex, fox (mange) + L, location, open space], hair loss in sharply defined shapes.

5 alpha-reductase: this enzyme is needed to alter testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Type 1 5-alpha reductase is located primarily in the skin as well as type 2 5-alpha reductase is discovered in the prostate.

Anagen: [Gk, ana, up, again + genein, to generate], the rising phase of hair, which reveals big variation, varying from 2 to six or even more years.

Androgen: [Gk, andros + genein, to generate], a steroid hormone that can be found in men.

Apoptosis: [Gk, apo, splitting up + ptosis, falling], automated cell fatality.

Azelaic Acid: a literally happening saturated dicarboxylic acid with the material name of 1, 7-heptanedicarboxylic acid and also a molecular mass of 188.22. Azelaic acid is a dietary component of entire grain cereals and also animal products.


Biopsy: [Gk, biographies, life + messages, sight], the elimination of a little component of living tissue from an organ or various other part of the body for microscopic test.


Catagen: [Gk, kata, down, under + genein, to create], the tiny transition stage of the hair development stage, lasting two to three weeks.

Clone: [Gk, on, a plant reducing], a collection of genetically matching cells or microorganisms arising from a certain common cell.

Crown: [L, corona, an encircling structure], the superior component of a body organ or arrangement, such as the top of the head.

Follicle: The external shell of hair, made up of overlapping scales made of neutral keratin protein. It provides hair beam and radiate and also supplies some of its force.


Dermal Papilla: The facial papilla lies at the end of the hair roots. The dermal papilla contains nerves as well as blood vessels, which provide glucose for power and also amino acids to make keratin. This arrangement is tremendously significant in the policy of hair growth considering that it has receptors for both androgens as well as hair-promoting units.

Dermatology: [Gk, derma, skin + logo designs, science], the research of the skin, along with the composition, physiology, as well as pathology of the skin and also the analysis as well as management of skin conditions.

Dermis: [Gk, derma, skin], the layer of the skin, simply listed below the skin, being composed of papillary and knotty layers as well as consisting of blood and lymphatic vessels, nerves and also nerve endings, glands as well as hair roots devices.

DHT: short-term for dihydrotestosterone. Categorized as a ‘sex hormone’, there is no well-delineated link to the degrees of DHT as well as libido or sex. Besides creating hair development on the face as well as top pubis (but having just the contrary outcome on the scalp), the role of DHT in the grown-up human male is not yet recognized.

Benefactor Area: region of the scalp (generally along the sides) where hair is drawn out from to be hair transplanted to the marked location.

Dutasteride: a medicine currently under development by GlaxoSmithKline, which is a dual prevention of the 5-alpha reductase enzymes in charge for converting testosterone to DHT.


Effluvium: [L, effluvium, a draining], a constant circulation, which may relate to unforeseen hair dropping.

Epidermis: [Gk, etc, on or upon + derma, skin], the shallow, avascular, layers of the skin, comprised of an external, dead cornified part and a much deeper, living, mobile part. All in all, the layers are between 0.5 to 1.1 mm.

Etiology: [Gk, anti, reason + logos, scientific research], the origin of a condition.


Finasteride: the general name for Propecia and Proscar, which are medicines that bind with the type 2 5-alpha reductase enzyme and also reduce the amount of DHT in the prostate and also lotion.

Follicle: [L, folliculus, small bag], a pouch like depression, such as the hair roots within the dermis that confine the hair roots.

Frontal Hairline: [L, front, temple], the splitting up of vellus to terminal or transitional hair in and adjacent to the midline of the frontal part of the head.


Generic: [L, genus, kind], of or relating to a material, product, or medicine that is not shielded by hallmark; the very same basically structure but not essentially equal in therapeutic result.

Glycerin or Glycerine: [Gk, glycerol, pleasant], a sweet, neutral, oily liquid that is a pharmacologic quality of glycerol. Glycerin is used as a moistening tool for chapped skin, as an element of suppositories for irregularity and also as a sweetening instrument and also lorry for drug prep work.


Hamilton-Norwood: a visuals scale representing the amount of hair loss/ recession of alopecia androgenetica in males.

Hirsutism: [L, hirsute, hirsute], severe body or face hair as an end result of genetics, hormone disorder, porphyria or prescription.

Hormone: [Gk, formalin, to establish in movement], a compound chemical substance created in one component or body organ of the body that launches or manages the motion of a body organ or a group of cells in another component of the body.

Hypertrichosis: extreme hair development over and over the typical for the age, sex and also race of an individual, in distinction to hirsutism, which is excess hair development in females complying with a male circulation pattern. Hypertrichosis can expand around the body or can be isolated to little patches.

Hypothyroidism: (underactive thyroid gland) is the word made use of to explain a state in which there is a compact level of thyroid hormone (thyroxine) in the body. This can cause various signs, including: fatigue, weight gain, bowel irregularity, aches, dry skin, drab hair/hair loss and also sensation cold.


Infundibulum: is the cup or channel in which a hair roots expands, likewise The much better, or foremost section, of the hair follicle.

Intermediate Hair: transitional scalp hairs are around 1 cm in length. They call for the surface area of incurable hair but have far more density and body than vellus hair.

Artificial insemination: [L, in, within + vitreous, glassware], of a biologic effect taking place in lab tool.

In Vivo: [L, in, within + vivo, alive], of a biologic result incident in an active organism.

Isthmus: is the shortened area of the hair follicle, expanding from the connection of the erector pili muscle (bulge area) right into the entrance of the sebaceous gland air duct.


Keratin: [Gk, keras, horn], a coarse, sulfur-containing protein that is the almost all of the skin, hair, nails and enamel of the teeth.

Ketoconazole: an antifungal prescription that inhibits biosynthesis of ergosterol or various other sterols.


Ludwig Staging: a depiction of the extent of alopecia androgenetica in ladies.

Lunago: [L, down], the spongy, great hair that covers much of the fetus begins in the fifth month and also is typically dropped prior to birth.


Micrograft: [Gk, micros, little] methods grafts with 1 or 2 hairs, mini-grafts are those with 3 or 4 hairs, and also a megasession is a procedure in which greater than 1000 micrografts and minigrafts are inserted in a single session.

Midline: location towards the center of the scalp.

Miniaturisation: The vital process by which dihydrotestosterone (DHT) shrinks hair roots; a vital indication of androgenetic alopecia.

Minoxidil: a piperidinopyrimidine derivative vasodilator that has hair development stimulant buildings, probably entailing straight stimulus of hair roots epithelial development. The first FDA medicine accepted for the treatment of MPB.


Occiput: [L, occiput, atlas], the back component of the head.

Oestrogen: [Gk, oistros, gadfly + genein, to produce], one of a team of hormone steroid compounds that sustain the growth of women secondary sex features.


Papilla: The little root location at the base of hair, which gets the nutrients required for hair growth.

Pharmacodynamics: [Gk, pharmakon, drug + dynamis, power], the research of how a drug acts upon a living creature.

Back Scalp: The region at the rear of the head.

Pilosebaceous Unit: [L, pilus, hair + sebum, fat], of or pertaining to a hair follicle system and its oil gland.

Exclusive: [L, proprietas, a property], of or relating to a result, such as a drug or gadget, that is produced income.

Propylene Glycol: a colourless thick fluid made use of as a solvent in the preparation of definite medications. It also hinders the advancement of fungis and microbes.


Receptor Site: [L, recipere, to get +situs, location], a setting on a cell outside where specific particles, such as enzymes, neurotransmitters, or infections, connect to relate with mobile system.

Recession: [L, recedere, to pull away], a weakening.

Recipient Site: The bald area where the extracted hairs (usually from the benefactor location) are transplanted to.

Retin-A: the proprietary name for a prep work of retinoic acid, made use of in the administration of acne as well as sun damage to the skin.

Retinoic Acid (likewise tretinoin, isotretinoin or all-trans-retinoic acid): the cis-trans kind of vitamin A. Retinoids trigger a light chemical peel on the skin as well as are really substantial to all epithelial framework.


Scleroderma: [Gk, skirt, hard, derma, skin], a constant hardening and decrease of the skin and also connective cells throughout the body. It can trigger hair loss over the influenced locations.

Sweat: [L, sebum, sweat], greasy, oily, usually describing the oil-secreting glands of the skin or to their secretion.

Sebum: [L, grease], the greasy emission of the sebaceous glands of the skin, composed of keratin, fat as well as cellular particles.

Steroid: [Gk, stereos, strong + eidos, form], any of a great deal of hormonal substances with a similar important chemical configuration, created mainly in the adrenal cortex as well as gonads.

Superoxide Dismutase (SOD): chemicals that catalyse the destruction of oxygen complimentary radicals. It protects oxygen metabolizing cells versus the damaging impacts of superoxide free radicals.

Stitch: Stich.


Telogen: [Gk, telos, end + genein, to produce], the hidden phase of the hair growth cycle lasting for concerning 100 days.

Temples or Temporal Areas: [L, tempus, temple], the lateral-frontal regions of the head.

Incurable Hair: [L, terminus, boundary] of or relating to the thicker hair on the scalp that are modulated as well as consist of a development phase of several years.

Testosterone: a normally occurring androgenic hormone.

Concept of Donor Dominance: rational basis for hair transplantation mentioning that hair’s hereditary code lives inside the hair roots and also not in the receiver site into which it is transplanted.

Trichotillomania: [Gk, trikhos, hair, tillein, pull out (hair)] an unreasonable need to take out one’s hair.


Vellus: the mushy, fine hair casing all parts of the body other than palms, soles and also areas where various other kinds of hair are usually discovered. Real vellus hairs have no erector pili muscle but have significant sebaceous glands. Vellus scalp hairs attain lengths less than 1 cm.

Vertex: [L, vertex, summit], the top of the head in the direction of the posterior item, along with the area or locations at which the hair expands in a coiled model.


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